Our Vision

EJ Bonbons and Confections is an artisanal chocolate shop located in the heart of Woodstock, NY. We focus on serving those with a sweet tooth and a love for handcrafted confections that are both beautiful and delicious.

Our Story

EJ Bonbons & Confections is the creation of two talented chefs Emily Kellogg and Pierre Pouplard. They first met while working at Per Se, a three-Michelin-starred restaurant in New York City. After several years, Emily and Pierre decided to embark on a new journey. They moved upstate to Emily's hometown of Woodstock to open their first boutique and share their unique creations with the world.

Meet the Chefs

Emily Kellogg

Prior to launching EJ Bonbons and Confections, Emily served as the former Head Chocolatier at Per Se. She also worked as a chocolatier for Gotham Chocolates in NYC.

Pierre Pouplard

Originally from France, Pierre has worked at some of the most prestigious establishments in Paris including Le Meurice Paris and La Tour d’Argent Paris. He most recently held the position of sous-chef at Per Se in NYC.

To reach out directly to the chefs or for any special requests, please use this link.

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